Paint Correction - Med City Detail
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Paint Correction


If you have a vehicle that has a lot of deep scratches, swirls, holograms, oxidation and hazy finish from years of use. Check out our options for paint correction to bring that vehicle back to showroom condition!

Add ons:

  • Light Interior Cleaning 
  • Full Interior Detail/ Reserve Interior 
  • Gyeon Ceramic coating
  • 3M Paint protection film (PPF)
  • Gyeon Wheel protection
  • Gyeon Window Coating
  • Gyeon Interior protection
  • Gyeon Vinyl Convertible Top Coating


Minor paint correction


A two stage machine polish is given to eliminate light swirls/scratches, oxidation and dull and hazy paintwork that is damaged over the years by poor wash technique, bad contact and strong chemicals.


The first machine polishing stage is a medium-strong cut compound used in conjunction with a polishing/cutting pad that restores the paint and removes up to >80% of the surface defects. The second set is a much milder pass to refine the finish and give the much desired ‘jewelled’ look.


This service is ideal for the enthusiast who likes to keep a defect free car all year round. Paint thickness removal is kept minimal during this detail allowing the process to be performed on an annual basis if needs be.


Major Paint Correction


Delivers paintwork perfection. Often leaving the finish better than its original showroom condition.


Using a multitude of machine passes to safely remove heavier defects found on most vehicles (i.e. random deep scratches, bird etchings, body shop buffer trails and sanding marks) a Major Paint Correction Detail is perfect for the tired, lifeless car that requires a second lease of life.


Sometimes 100% correction isn’t always possible; compromise has to be made on areas with thin clear coat where it would be impractical to sacrifice lacquer and to run the risk of striking through. Also, as a general rule, scratches that you can ‘feel’ with your fingernail will usually require paint (However they can be visibly reduced by ‘rounding off’ the edges with correct machine technique).


Typically, over 95% correction will be met with a Major Paint Correction Detail and is guaranteed to transform your vehicle.


-Maintenance wash is performed

-Wheels are thoroughly cleaned

-Iron and tar fallout removed through specialized products

-Remaining surface contaminants removed by applicable compound clay bar

-Car is prepped for correction via tape and shields

-2 to 5 stage machine correction to remove up to 95% of defects

-Vehicle is rewashed to remove dust created in compounding stage

-Further machine polishing is performed to refine the paint to a mirror finish

-Chrome trim is polished

-Treated with a mix of Isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, etc. To remove any residue left behind.

-Choice of Wax or Ceramic Coating is applied

-Glass is cleaned thoroughly


Time 36-72 hours


All orders over $300 get a free shuttle service with purchase!