Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings

Enjoy the long lasting gloss, self cleaning capabilities, ease of maintenance and UV Protection in the form of a ceramic coating.


We are Gyeon Certified Detailers and an Authorized Reseller of their products. We use Gyeon Exclusively for our Ceramic Coating Packages. 


Med City Detail’s meticulous Ceramic Coating Packages are the most thorough and highest quality you will find in Minnesota.

/ Lifetime Ceramic Coating Package

Before any vehicle receives a Ceramic Coating we thoroughly inspect the paint. It goes through a rigorous decontamination process to ensure no contamination is left on any surfaces receiving the coating. We then measure all paint depths and document them on a blueprinted exterior sheet. Med City Detail is one of the only detailing facilities in the county to incorporate a DOI Meter into our process. This machine ensures we are removing as much haze and defects from the paint during our Single Stage Paint Correction before we install any coatings. Before and after measurements are supplied in our detailed project write-up. 


All exterior Painted Panels receive a Two Layer Ceramic Coating. The first layer consists of Q2 Base, this high concentration of Silazane develops a permanent bond providing long term durability against UV and Chemical Damage. The top or second layer provides environmental protection, even more gloss and aggressive water repellency. 


A High Temp Wheel Coating, Gyeon Q2 Rim is applied to all wheel faces to protect from brake dust, road grime and salt. (wheels off available)


The Windshield and two side windows receive Gyeon Q2 View. This offers aggressive water characteristics to improve visibility. 


All Plastic Trim gets a dose of Gyeon Q2 Trim protectant. This has the ability to restore and protect plastic from UV damage and Fading.


Once the vehicle has been coated we cure the coatings under our Short-Wave Infrared Curing System.

/ Three Year Ceramic Coating Package

Our Level 1 Ceramic Coating receives a healthy dose of Gyeon Q2 Pure. This high-performance single layer ceramic coating will enhance the looks, offer ease of maintenance and protection from the elements.


Paint, Wheels and Glass all receive respective coatings. 


The same decontamination process and Single Stage Correction mentioned in our Level 2 Package is included.

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