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Med City Detail in Rochester, Minnesota is a certified installer of automotive ceramic coatings. We use only the highest quality products from the best manufacturers in the business. Our team of experienced professionals will make sure your car looks great and stays protected for years to come.


Ceramic coatings are a solution that many car enthusiasts are using to protect their vehicles. These coatings form a barrier against UV rays, oxidation, and chemical staining. They also add gloss and self-cleaning properties to keep your car looking great.


We are Gyeon Certified Detailers and an Authorized Reseller of their products. We use Gyeon Exclusively for our Ceramic Coating Packages.


Med City Detail’s meticulous Ceramic Coating Packages are the most thorough and highest quality you will find in Minnesota.

/ Lifetime Ceramic Coating Package

Before any vehicle receives a Ceramic Coating we thoroughly inspect and correct the paint. It goes through a Decontamination and Correction Process to ensure the Paint is in optimal condition. Med City Detail is one of the only detailing facilities in the country to incorporate a DOI Meter into our process. This machine ensures that we are removing as many defects from the paint during our Paint Correction.


All exterior Painted Panels receive a Two Layer Ceramic Coating. The first layer consists of Q2 Base, this high concentration of Silazane develops a permanent bond providing long term durability against UV and Chemical Damage. The top or second layer provides environmental protection, even more gloss and aggressive water repellency.


A High Temp Resistant Wheel Coating, Gyeon Q2 Rim is applied to all wheel faces to protect from brake dust, road grime and salt. (wheels off available)


The Windshield and two front side windows receive Gyeon Q2 View. This offers aggressive water characteristics to improve visibility and easy cleaning.


Once the vehicle has been fully coated we cure the coatings under our Short-Wave Infrared Curing System at 120 degrees for 20 minutes per section.


3-4 Days to Complete

/ Three Year Ceramic Coating Package

The same Decontamination and Correction process as our Lifetime Coating with a Single Layer Professional Grade Coating.


Our Three Year Ceramic Coating Package receives a healthy dose of Gyeon Q2 Pure EVO. This high-performance single layer ceramic coating has the highest concentration of Silica in the industry! It will enhance the looks with a candy gloss, offer ease of maintenance and protection from the elements.


Wheels, Front Windshield, Two Front Side WIndows and Paint are all Included in this Package.


3 Days to Complete

/ The Pinnacle Of Car Care

Client Experience

Our clients are our highest priority. We want to ensure that each client has a tailored and amazing experience. All questions are answered thoroughly in a timely manner. Our proven track record of client satisfaction is a testament of our devotion to offering a great experience before, during and after your vehicle is in our care.

Customer Satisfaction

I had a great experience with Med City Detail getting my BMW M3 detailed! The owner Evan is a really genuine guy and will explain each and every product if asked in detail. The guys took their time on my car and made it look better than when it was brand new. The value for the money is beyond amazing you will fall in love with your car all over again. Highly recommend going and getting your car detailed by the guys that actually care about your car.

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